Beyond The Valley Of The Loving Room Floor

by Gary Showbiz

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Richard Hayes
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Richard Hayes Gary is serving up amazingly entertaining slices of power pop pie. If you don't fall in love with this incredible tuneful album, there may be no hope for you. Favorite track: Lanzarote.
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This is a collection of tunes rmade over the last 14 months..some 14 months old..some just days.
The somewhat strange title is due to the fact that I had originally intended to make this a parody of my now old radio in which I was the deejay and music too.But,trying to think of funny stuff to say was giving me a faceache,so I cleverly ditched the idea.But I had already gotten Ian to bang out the marvellous that wasnt going in the bin.
I had a lot more numbers I was gonna include..but then I remembered..I can't even listen to my first long player,The Visionary Sounds Of Gaz LeRock all the way through,(at least not without being fucking wired or shitfaced..or both)its just too long.And,as I make the kinda music I want to listen too,music from a long forgotten, yet wholly fictitious 1978 from the future, I thought I'd keep this one snappy.
So,I cut all the ones I think are either rubbish,might turn out to be rubbish,or in general just didn't appeal to me yesterday for whatever reason, and just left the cream of the crop.
Thats strictly in my opinion though,I've no idea what kinda unlistenable shite you might like...I'm the same.Some of the worst music ever made gets a regular airing in this gaf.
So,I'll follow this up with a cut price collection of also rans when I get the motivation and time to do so.Or maybe I'll charge mad money for it in an attempt to make the stuff seem better than it actually is.

This collection is dedicated to my band,my friends and most of all,
anyone who gives a fuck about my music.

Thanks for listening and thanks very much for supporting.
Come hear the tunes live if you get the chance.

Hot Colossus will blow your fat fucking face off.



released April 18, 2014

Everything You Can Hear....Mr.Gary Showbiz Keogh
This shit is obviously unmastered,cos if it was,I'd have to charge €70 a copy. So ya might wanna keep the volume knob a bit handy!

Album Artwork ..Mr.Ian Lawton



all rights reserved


Gary Showbiz Portarlington, Ireland

The artist formally known as Gaz LeRock aka GazzyWazzy,
Head honcho at Moutpiece,Retarded Cop and Hot Colossus.

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Track Name: The Windows Of Cabra
Have you heard about the time when I lived in the mountains with monkey and zebra
the 17 years that I spent in a cave with a tranny called Debra
or what about my trip up the svengali river with Dali and Picasso
The sculptures we made can be seen to this day in the windows of cabra

I remember your face on the night that we had heroin for dinner
I remember the taste I remember the feeling that I was a sinner
You heard about the time when I was working a dayjob for money
believe it or not but its true..I'm not tryna be funny this is serious

Did you hear about the time I shot pool with the Buddah and Lama
The Dali was good but he fucked up the black cos his karma was outta whack
Hear about he time that I said no to the free pharmacopoeia instruction
I was well down but I had to go a work at construction for the tiger